Sam & Lavi

After witnessing the predictable and mundane styles of everyday clothing flooding the market, Sam Arasteh and Lavinia Mirzak decided it was time to take initiative and introduce something more innovative and creative. Made in Los Angeles, Sam&Lavi fuses California comfort with New York’s downtown edge with its unique silhouettes and fresh fabrications. With the use of rich fabrics, such as double-sided dual jersey and French terry, coupled with the fresh and modern finishing and shredding techniques, Sam&Lavi gives the market exactly what it is was lacking – a brand that is sophisticated, sexy, and, most importantly, wearable. Sam&Lavi’s natural drape and relaxed bodies encompass both elegance and comfort all at once. With a successful launch for Fall 2010, Sam&Lavi has filled a void in the market, offering essential elements of style to basic pieces found in every woman’s closet.