Hat Attack, a brand bound to casual & classic style, has offered a trend-setting collection for over 35 years. Hat Attack was founded in 1981 by young entrepreneur husband-and-wife team, BJ and Bill Gedney, in a studio apartment in Manhattan and quickly outgrew their small confines, moving several times before building their current 11,000-square foot factory in the Bronx. Their daughter Cooper McManus grew up at Hat Attack and is now at the helm of the creative team.

Hat Attack launched its sister label Buji Baja in 1995 to expand the collection into a complete lifestyle brand for all seasons. Both Hat Attack and Buji Baja, synonymous with design and accessibility, offer two collections each year that set the tone for what is new in hats and accessories. Each season Cooper and the design team draw on personal loves and inspiration gathered from their travels, passions and color trends.

The Made in USA hats are hand blocked, cut, sewn, and hand trimmed in the Bronx factory using carved wood blocks that have been collected over time and are part of Hat Attack’s history. Dedicated to the roots of this brand, the Hat Attack family is devoted to bringing the utmost quality along with on-trend styles each season to its customers worldwide. The company is rooted in the community for decades, growing as a brand and as a family.