AtelierOM (USA) was begun in 2010 by Ondi McMaster-Chullil while on an ART residency tour of India wherein she began creating performative art installations & public works in tandem with elaborate costumes hand-built from local khadi textiles founded along the trail. As a long time student of India, its textiles and Gandhian philosophy, the concept to cultivate an eco - ethical fashion business came into fruition from the total action/work she created while on the ARTKARAVAN residency in North India over 3 months. With a seasoned history as artist, commercial costume designer, buddhist & gypsy, she dove into the possibility with her collective resources, inspirations and cross continental experiences to pave a uniquely practical path of good design, high craft and karmic management ….to "Save The World"  one meter and / or garment at a time. Since inception, Ondi has been solely creating one of a kind / limited edition annual collections exclusively in OMkhadi, her handmade textiles, that parallel the current renaissance of the global craft movement. By elaborating with heritage processes on contemporary handmade eco fabrics, she uniquely adapts the traditional into her modern designs through lightheartedeast west styles of apparel and accessories.